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Natural Northwest

Next time you go to NWA to watch the Hogs play, take this way back!

Map with the path through the Natural Northwest of Arkansas

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#1 - Cathy's Corner

#2 - Natural Falls State Park

#3 - Natural Dam

#4 - Paul's Bakery

#5 - Historic Downtown Van Buren

#6 - Frank's Italian

#7 - Fort Smith Riverwalk

Natural Falls State Park

We know, we know....this one is in Oklahoma.  But it's right over the border and so. worth. it.  Easily accessible, paved walkways that lead to the top of the falls and a rock trail leading to the base.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

Cathy's Corner meals

Cathy's Corner

We just happened upon this little family owned gem and we were so impressed with both the food and the service....genuinely good people and the line was out the door!

Natural Falls State Park
Natural Dam

Natural Dam

This sweet little fall is right off the road (seriously, you can't miss it!)

Paul's Bakery sign with man

Paul's Bakery

Paul's Bakery has been serving up all the sweet treats you can eat since 1959. Homemade pies, delectable donuts, and gorgeous confectionaries...they do it all!

Historic Downtown Van Buren

One of the cutest downtown's in the whole state!  So many adorable shops and eateries and if you have time, catch the train up to beautiful in the Fall!!

Downtown Van Buren
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Frank's Italian

I am such an Italian food snob, but I absolutely fell in love with Frank's!  The best olive oil dip I've ever tasted and the portions were enormous....

we had plenty left over for a midnight snack later that night!

Italian food
Italian food
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Map of Fort Smith Riverwalk

Fort Smith Riverwalk

If you're going to eat all that food, you're going to want to walk it off after...and what better place than by the river in a lovely park with a lovely breeze.

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