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The Path to Petit Jean

An adventure for the whole family within an hour of the city!

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#1 - The Bramble Market

#2 - Jones Family Restaurant

#3 - Seven Hollows Trailhead - Petit Jean State Park

#4 - The Outpost

#5 - Mustang Sally's

#6 - The Hitchin' Post

#7 - Wye Mountain


The Bramble Market

I fell in love as soon as I walked in the door!  They don't open until 9:00am (1:00pm on Sunday's), but if you're getting a late start this is the perfect place to stop for home grown snacks and goodies. They usually have a local food truck out front and they carry locally grown and sourced produce, meats and a variety of other faire.

Make sure you check out PoppyJ's popcorn while you're there....melt in your mouth good!!!


Jones Family Restaurant

Best breakfast in the state!!! Not even gonna lie....there's a reason the parking lot is always full of cars. Like Paul says, "it tastes like Mawmaw made it."


Seven Hollows Trailhead

Petit Jean State Park

Hiking at Petit Jean is most known for the Cedar Falls Trail....gorgeous, but usually crowded on the weekends. If you're looking for something a little quieter, check out the Seven Hollows Trail. It's marked by a tiny little sign, but don't let that fool you! It stretches 4.5 miles and includes a large natural bridge, turtle rocks and a hidden grotto with a waterfall. It's a pretty long hike, but not too hilly....we recommend going back the way you came once you get to the grotto instead of continuing the circle.


The Outpost

You may need a sweet treat after your hike and this is the place to get it. Hand-dipped ice cream, fudge and all sorts of other goodies await.

Mustang Sally's

If you're wanting something a little more filling, check out Mustang Sally's! 

It's off the main highway and sits in the cute little courthouse square living the small town life in Perryville. 

Pull up a seat and order the BBQ nachos and a peanut butter fried pie...I promise, you won't be disappointed!


The Hitchin' Post

Feel like doing a little "junk-tiquing"? This is the place to do it! It's a hodge podge of memorabilia, collectables and miscellaneous junk, but you never know where you might spot that diamond in the rough.


Wye Mountain

Take the long way back to the city and go by Wye Mountain for the Daffodil Festival (March 2-17th). If you catch it just right, you'll be able to watch the sunset over a sea of beautiful daffodils.

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