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Welcome to Crowley's Ridge!!


The Ridge itself is over 200 feet high in places and approximately two hundred miles long. It's composed of a glacially derived sediment called less, which was blown by the wind and packed down to form a sandy cap over 50 feet deep. Crowley's Ridge was named for Benjamin F. Crowley, a soldierduring the War of 1812 whose land grant was the first pioneer settlement in this part of the state around1820. Once a campground for Native Americans, the park was constructed by the CCC in 1933 and became the 4th Arkansas State Park.

Crowley's Ridge State Park is located in Northeast Arkansas, about twenty-five minutes north of Jonesboro in the Upper Delta

The Park offers guests who want to stay overnight twenty-six campsites, including 8 tent sites and 2 duplex cabins. There's also a large group area that includes a beautiful refurbished CCC cabin. The group area also includes rustic bunk cabins, a dining hall and bathhouse to accommodate 60 people. This area is perfect for youth groups, company retreats or family reunions and can be booked up to two years in advance!

There are two lakes in the park, Walcott Lake and Lake Ponder. Walcott Lake is 31 acres and fully stocked. They only allow electric motors, but there are fishing boats and kayaks available for rent, as well as a barrier-free fishing pier.

Lake Ponder is exactly where you want to be this summer! It's one of the states most popular swimming areas!! Take a trip down the slide or relax on the sandy beach. Part of the lake has been sectioned off for pedal boats and kayaks, which are available for rent. There's also a playground and beach volleyball, as well as a large bathhouse and snack bar. A massive log and stone structure stands above the beach and includes an upstairs pavilion with a balcony. This is one of the original structures built by the CCC and many people have memories of the dances and the jukebox they used to have there.

Now, let's talk about trails...There are five to choose from!

The Walcott Lake Trail is a half a mile around the lake

The Dancing Rabbit Trail is 1.2 miles and it's where you can find the suspension bridge

The Spider Creek trail is three quarters of a mile

The Amphitheater Trail winds through what was once the upper tier of the Belle Hodges Wall Amphitheater. It was orignally constructed to seat 2100 people. The amphitheater has now been restored and seats approximately 600 visitors.

Our last trail is the Lake Ponder Barrier-Free Trail. This paved walkway, offers beautiful views of the lake and vegetation. It takes you over an ADA accessible boardwalk and also includes a trip by the Wishing Well. Unfortunately, the pump wasn't working while we were there, but this is what it looks like when it's running!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into Crowley's Ridge State Park and we encourage you to get out and experience The Natural State! For more information on the park, visit

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