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Welcome to Herman Davis


Herman Davis State Park is located about forty five minutes east of Jonesboro in Manila, ArkansasThe park includes the grave and memorial of Herman Davis (1888-1923), a U.S. sniper during World War I.


To raise funds to pay the debt from the war, the Secretary of War asked General John J Pershing for thetop 100 war stories. When the stories were published, Arkansans were surprised to find a small, quiet man at number four on the list...Private Herman Davis.


Davis was a native of Manila who joined the infantry in 1918 at the age of 30. He won distinction in the war for taking out a nest of German machine gunners with his marksmanship. He modestly rarely mentioned the distinguished medals he received for this and other actions from both the American and French governments, in fact, he kept the medals in a tackle box.


After his death on January 5, 1923, Arkansans rallied to erect a memorial in his honor, resulting in the establishment of this site dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30th, 1925. The park was formally designated as our 6th state park in 1953 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


The park offers beautiful landscaping, off-street parking areas, sidewalks, and park benches. It is fully accessible to all visitors, but there are no restrooms on-site.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into Herman Davis Park and we encourage you to get out and experience The Natural State! For more information on the park, visit

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