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Crystal & Diamond Digging in the Natural State

Woman holding up a crystal after crystal digging
Sarah found a crystal!

Arkansas is widely recognized for its picturesque landscape, incomparable natural beauty, and unique topographical features. Among the most exciting activities that visitors flock to this state for include crystal digging and diamond hunting, both of which offer a chance to discover some of the most gorgeous and valuable gems in the world.

For over a century, crystals have been found in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, and this location remains one of the top spots to source them. Popular crystal digging hotspots include the Ron Coleman Mining and the Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine., which attract people from all over the globe, eager to uncover large and beautiful crystals. Crystal digging can be an exhilarating outdoor adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the mountains and search for some of the most glittering and lovely gems you could ever imagine.

Four people standing at a crystal mine holding axes
Our digging crew!

While crystal digging holds a significant draw in Arkansas, the state is also well-known for its incredible diamond hunting opportunities. The Crater of Diamonds State Park , situated in Murfreesboro, is the only diamond-producing site on the planet that is accessible to the public. Those who visit the park can mine for diamonds and other precious gemstones from a large, 37-acre plowed field. More than 33,000 diamonds have been uncovered at this park since its opening in 1906! Visitors will feel as if they are embarking upon a real-life treasure hunting adventure as they dig for unique stones, including diamonds, amethyst, garnet, and peridot, to name just a few.

Hands holding group of crystals
What. A. Haul.

For those who love the thrill of undiscovered treasures, crystal digging and diamond hunting, there’s nowhere better than Arkansas! These experiences offer a great way to connect with nature while exploring the geological wonders of the area and potentially worth some of the most valuable and exquisite finds of your lifetime. But don't take our word for it, get out there and discover the delights of the Natural State for yourself, and be sure to tag Arkie Travels in all your adventures. Happy adventuring!

Woman taking black and white selfie
Lindsay Jordan, Head of Operations

Lindsay Jordan is the Head of Operations and Sarah's trusted right-hand at Arkie Travels. With an unwavering passion for all things Arkansas, her dedication to promoting the state shines through in her role. For the past six years, she served as the Executive Director for the Gann Museum of Saline County, where her deep appreciation for history and love for her home state was evident in the exceptional exhibits, compelling newsletters, and captivating tours she curated.

Away from the office, Lindsay finds immense joy in experiencing the wonders of the Natural State with her family. From camping under the stars to hiking along breathtaking trails, and even exploring picturesque waterways on kayaks, she embraces these outdoor adventures wholeheartedly and is happy to share all the beauty of Arkansas with everyone around her.


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