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Dragon Kingdom has landed at the Little Rock Zoo and it is family fun for everyone!!

Welcome to the “Year of the Dragon”. The Zoo is celebrating an homage to the Chinese zodiac for the year of “good luck, justice, prosperity and strength” with creatures from another world.

We got to experience Dragon Kingdom last week and we loved seeing life-size animatronic representations of these mythical creatures, ranging from 10-40 feet! They even had placards next to each one that gave a fun background of the dragons legend, origin location and history. Look for the chicken one, you can’t miss it!!

While it was a rainy day when we were there, that didn’t stop any of the animals from enjoying a day out in the cool air. The Malaysian Tigers and Chimpanzees were feeling especially vocal and active, and I even saw a zebra racing with friends and pushing a ball around its habitat.

During Spring Break, guests can also enjoy activities like crafts in the reptile house, alligator chats, Burmese Python chats and fairytale characters will greet visitors at the Dragon Kingdom Gate.

Spring Break activities run March 16th-24th from 9:00am-4:00pm, but Dragon Kingdom will be at the Little Rock Zoo through September 28th!

2024 Dates to Note:

Bunny Brunch - March 31st

Eclipse Day at the Zoo and Tailgate Party - April 8th

Wild Wines “Mane” Event - April 27th

Zoo Brew - September 12th

For more details and tickets, visit

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